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Immersion Experience in the Pines of Idyllwild

Nov 6-9, 2015

Make plans now for this years' visit to Buckhorn Peace Camp in Idyllwild. It is the weekend of Friday, Nov. 6th to Monday, Nov. 9th.

Plan to stay on the mountain for an extended weekend.

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Before and Beyond Yoga

The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® (created by Linda Lack, Ph.D.) is a contemporary movement and healing technique acknowledged for its efficacy alongside Pilates, Feldenkrais, Alexander and Bartenieff. Through mind/body integration, TB-FM reveals body issues (weakness and imbalances) and then resolves them. A wonderful tool that can help reduce pain, minimize movement limitations and create possibility for life, athletics, dance and theater. Lack has shaped the technique to reveal universal truths about the human body, alignment, movement and breath.

New! The Beautiful Book


TB-FM and Movement Therapy

TB-FM is an elegant experience filled with unique circular movement and intuitive sequencing. Many people are involved in the technique for the simple joy and freedom that a conscious body/mind dialogue can create.

• Movement and Yoga Therapy
• Injury Related Therapy
• Yoga Teacher Training I and II
• Yoga Therapy Training
• Stress/Anxiety Management
• Professional Consulting, Coaching and Choreography
• Group and Private Sessions

Linda Lack, Ph.D. and TB-FM in the News


Upcoming events:

Intensive Training Weekend

October 24-25

Saturday, October 24
9:30-11:30 - TB-FM Technique, All Levels
11:45-1:45 - Teaching/Learning Symposium

Sunday, October 25
10:30-12:30 - TB-FM Technique
All Levels
12:45 - 2:45 - CLINIC. Topic: More Knees and All the Important Muscles that Attend the Joint...2nd in series.

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