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15th Semi- Annual TBFM®  Immersion

15th Semi- Annual TBFM® Immersion


Friday, June 10th through Monday, June 13th, 2022

This year’s 15th Semi-Annual Immersion will be held at the studio and on Interactive Zoom


Immerse yourself in movement, yoga therapy, and pleasure based on the principles of The Thinking Body The Feeling Mind


Newcomers, beginners, advanced practitioners and teachers welcome. Renew, deepen and elevate your practice. Receive credit hours toward certification.

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15th Semi-Annual Immersion


Comments from participants:

“I learned many of the ways my body operates out of harmony with itself and many ways to work toward that harmony – and whole new levels of functioning, physically, emotionally & spiritually.” – Dale Allen

“The slower . . . more relaxed pace of the 3 classes per day gave me the chance to be more patient and deeper in my body, moving authentically, finding the deep internal.” – Muriel Mandel