The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind®

The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind (created by Linda Lack, Ph.D.) is an interoceptive somatic movement modality and contemporary movement training/therapeutic healing technique acknowledged for its efficacy alongside Pilates, Feldenkrais, Alexander and Bartenieff.

TBFM is a wonderful integrative mind/body tool that reveals universal truths about Body, its issues, weaknesses, imbalances, and then helps to resolve them. TBFM reduces pain, minimizes movement limitations and creates new possibility for life, athletics, dance and theater.

TBFM is for everyone from beginners to highly trained teachers and professionals and everyone from 5 yrs. old to 95 yrs. old. It embraces all cultures, generations, body types and shapes, and is inclusive of everyone from the disabled to professional dancers, actors, athletes.

TBFM offers clients and students training in essential principles of body movement, alignment, breath and self development. It is useful for those interested in a serious physical workout, a movement meditation, or a deterrent to overly rapid aging. It has been used to provide optimum human performance and possibility for dancers, performers, and anyone seeking to maximize personal health and well being.

TBFM has proved useful and applicable to enhancing all body movement techniques: yoga, dance, running, sitting meditation, exercise with gym equipment, free weights, hiking, etc.

Linda Lack is assisted by TBFM certified teachers: Trinity Capili (Portland), Charlotte Munn (Los Angeles), Gretchen Kreiger (Portland), Jan Zeitlin (Sebastopol), and Vera Chew (Malaysia).

“Linda’s gift as a body mover and teacher is the complete integration of intention, principles, and integrity that entices an experience of opening, expanding, and moving into body-mind possibilities.”   Jamie Deering

“I love TBFM.  As someone who has come to yoga and mindful movement later in life, and with plenty of ‘issues,’ I find the classes to be no less than amazing.  Many of the movements are so simple, and yet they affect the body deeply to release old patterns.”  Chris Terjeson

“My feet and knees and neck have been a constant bane to comfortable co-existence.  TBFM has given me profound adjustments and healing.  Linda Lack is pre-eminent in the fields of yoga, body work, and FUN.” Name withheld

“Linda is so articulate and her TBFM is neuromuscular re-education, ‘fitness’ training, physical therapy, somatic repatterning – and DANCE.  Thank you.  I look forward to learning more.”  Marguerite Fishman


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