Movement and Yoga Therapy - Individual Sessions

In Studio or Interactive Zoom Classes are available.

A movement therapist with 50 years of experience, Lack has been useful and effective with injury resolution, chronic pain, pre- and post-operative surgical problems, deterring effects of aging and resolution of dis-ease, emotional and physical. She is expert in the analysis of movement problems for both untrained and highly-trained clients.

Movement and Yoga Therapy, private instruction or consultation can be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

Movement Yoga Therapy Sessions:

  • Private Sessions Weekly or Bi-weekly – $285/hr
  • Private Sessions (other than above) – $300/hr
  • Zoom, Phone/Email Consult – $300/hr
  • Shared Private Session (2 or more people) – $400/hr


    To reserve a space or to make an appointment, please email us or call us by phone: (310) 273-4797. Please be sure to leave your name and number.

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