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photo by Stu Paul of Hamster Valhalla

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Feature-length documentary chronicling the unexpected friendship and collaboration between Inksap, a Vietnamese-American urban artist in his 20s, and Linda, an elder stateswoman of the modern dance scene in her 70s



Ink & Linda,

The Documentary:

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Linda Lack Ph.D., Inksap, and Stuart Paul


Read the Beginnings of Inksap and Linda’s Story:


After a drunk driver destroyed the front portion of her movement studio, Linda Lack was faced with reconstruction, city regulations and not having a fully functional space.

One year later, her studio was ready to open. Destiny brought Inksap and Linda Lack together through Inksap’s street art depicted below.

Guerilla mural

Soon after, a close bond formed and they became collaborators in creating street art. This was the inspiration for the art documentary Ink & Linda, by Stuart Paul that celebrates their artistic kismet and friendship.

Project Us - Taking it to the street

photo by Stu Paul of Hamster Valhalla

Project Us – In the Streets

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