Portland at the Movement Center



Spring – Friday-Saturday, April 12-13, 2019

Fall – Friday-Sunday, September 6-8, 2019

The Movement Center brings Dr. Lack to Portland. The program is planned to include beginners through trained, high-level movers, with additional training hours for TBFM Certification. Private one-on-one movement therapy sessions are available during this visit.

PORTLAND was finally a moment that had been wanting/waiting to happen for 30 years. Our thanks to Gretchen Kreiger, Natacha Sagalovsky and of course, Swami. Old and strong relationships with TBFM merged along with brand new and exalted relationships with the teaching.

Please contact Gretchen Kreiger at: talktogk@gmail.com. sign up now as space is limited! Private appointments available. Teacher Training credit hours available.

Dr. Linda Lack at the Movement Center, information and registration options

Programs with Dr. Lack at the Movement Center

Photos by Steven Maxwell

Linda Lack, Ph.D. visits Swami Chetanananda’s beautiful community for Intensives at The Movement Center in Portland, OR.

Comments from participants:

“Learning how to care for my body is essential, and the joy that has come from doing this practice all weekend is miraculous. It feels like there is a cool breeze dancing through my body. Like I’ve gone and explored (and restored) the broken down, cob-web incumbered, parts of this body-like the light of my awareness has really tasted the genuine possibility of human range of motion. You have provided tools that never stop giving and have given Me back to my Self.” — Cassidy Millar

“Linda is so articulate and her TBFM is neuromuscular re-education, ‘fitness’ training, physical therapy, somatic repatterning – and DANCE.  Thank you.  I look forward to learning more.”  Marguerite Fishman

“I love TBFM.  As someone who has come to yoga and mindful movement later in life, and with plenty of ‘issues,’ I find the classes to be no less than amazing.  Many of the movements are so simple, and yet they affect the body deeply to release old patterns.”  Chris Terjeson

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